Glii is a free LGBTQ dating app that speaks to a different audience whether Gays, Bi-sexual, Queer, Lesbian, transgender+ irrespective of their sexual preferences or gender. It is designed to make your dating life spicy while providing a safe and respectful environment. We are expanding into a new platform from social issues to the original content. We are continuing to blaze innovative paths with a meaningful impact on the community.

Why Glii?

We are providing a safe, respectful, warm, and modern gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, queer, LGBTQ++ dating platform where you can discover, navigate and get zero- feet away from your world around you.

Blind DATE

Glee with Glii a new take on the boring world of online dating. Our new Blind Date option is a twist to conventional dating to bring spice to your life. It helps you find "The One Serious Companion” for you in a modern and adventurous way. It is a new decade dating app with no more ghosting and rejection over a profile. It also gives a safe, respectful, warm, and modern gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, queer, LGBTQ++ dating platform.

G Swipe

We all have been through the dilemma of dating apps, catfishing, fake profiles, privacy, and our horrible experiences. These were the kind of things that ruled our head most of the time. Well not anymore. Glii is a gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, queer, LGBTQ++ dating companionship app that ensures that we provide you with the safest and the most adventurous platform. We verify all profiles with Artificial Intelligence to find your desired match. We try to get you the best experience by ensuring real and verified profiles and according to your preferences. We might not be your first love but we intend to be your last.

Friendly Spots

Good food with a good date isn’t it a deal-breaker? Glii is the new era dating app that looks after you from your match to the restaurant's table giving you one of a kind dating experience. Arrange your perfect date with a pre-decided menu, location, venue, and budget. Yes, it's that easy! no more month-end crunch and pressure of a first date. It also gives access Gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, queer, LGBTQ++ friendly dating spots to millions of users.


Exclusively for LGBTQ+ community dating app. Glii has a community of lesbian, gay, trans, bisexual and queer users who are always looking for their match. With in-app communities and Gli-hosted events, the app enables Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual people to find everything they are looking for.

Perfectly designed for the LGBTQ+ community, this app revolutionizes dating when you're looking for a solution to your dating problems. As the leading gay dating service, Glii is a really great place for people to connect, know and love each other.

Designed for gays, Glii allows you to clearly state what you're looking for on your profile, with a variety of filters and settings you can use to tailor your matches. Edit your profile, and follow like-minded individuals and friends in different communities.