The Importance of Queer-Focused Spaces

Importance of Safe & Friendly LGBTQIA++ Spaces
Jun 24, 2022

As businesses jump on the queer bandwagon because it’s cool to be queer, keep in mind that the space of queerness is and has always been a strong one.


Point is, the current surface-level acceptance of queer community aside, there are still many issues where the battle is not even close to complete. And regardless, misinformation is rampant. Safe spaces are less and reducing in number.


Why do women feel safe in gay bars? Why is it that queer spaces turn out to be welcoming even to non-queer members of society? Why do artists flourish so well in queer spaces?


Because the queer community possesses a powerful voice and understands how to employ it. We fight for inclusivity and expression, and we are unapologetically creative. We’re not frightened of enjoying all colours; fuck that, we own the rainbow, and we’re done with society’s stale old black-and-white dualism.

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